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Tim rattay Impressive
May 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers have been pleasantly surprised with the play of Tim rattay this off-season. rattay looks polished in the system, confident in his reads, and ready to take on the second quarterback position in its entirety. The former late round pick, rattay has come along ways with the team - and has begun to look like heís ready to make a giant leap as a player.

A few years on the bench has been known to be beneficial for players, particularly at the quarterback position. rattay now holds a very good understanding of the 49ers offense, and has the maturity to play at the NFL level. Last season he was perfect in both his pass attempts.

The 49ers liked what they saw in Brandon Doman this draft, and thus decided to choose him, but if rattay continues to improve as he apparently has so far - the 49ers may have their future guy already weighting in the wings. rattay has received much attention from the coaching staff, and even Jeff Garcia in his development.

A sure in for the teamís backup quarterback slot, rattay is a pleasant surprise this off-season. His continued improvement has greatly lessened the need to sign a veteran backup at the position. The team also has hopes for rattay as a future starter on the team - if both sides are willing to wait long enough for Jeff Garcia to wind down. In the mean time, the team feels quite confident that if Garcia were to be injured, that rattay would be a suitable replacement.

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