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Rattle Griese
September 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers will dedicate a lot of their resources this Sunday to rattling quarterback Brian Griese. Griese struggled in the Broncos opening game against the St. Louis Rams. As he struggled in the second and third quarters of the game, Bronco Head Coach, and former 49ers offensive coordinate began warming up Steve Beurline, the back up quarterback.

The Broncos are clearly not set on Griese as being the man in Denver. Yes he is the starting quarterback, and Beurline likely won’t ever take that away from him, but the Broncos showed in week one, that if Griese is struggling they will have no problem shifting their quarterback.

The 49ers will want to stir up a quarterback controversy on the Broncos sideline. Anything to distract the opposition - and having the starting quarterback looking over his shoulder is a great form of distraction. And so, the 49ers will blitz and try to mess with Griese’s head as much as possible.

The 49ers however should be careful on how far they push Griese. Backup quarterback Steve Beurline has won the past four times he has played the 49ers. So while the 49ers may want to rattle Griese, and get Beurline warming up on the bench, it may be in their best interest to keep Griese in the game.

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