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Rattay To Get True Chance
August 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Tomorrow, 49ers back up quarterback Tim Rattay will receive his longest amount of play time in NFL action to date. Rattay has taken a back seat to Jeff Garcia in past pre-season games, as Garcia was still trying to grasp the 49ers vast offense. With the continued high level of understanding that Garcia has of the game, the 49ers can now afford to start increasing the intensity of training with backup Tim Rattay.

While Rattay won’t start for the 49ers, he is expected to play the entire second and third quarter of the game. The 49ers believe opportunities such as this will allow Rattay to work against some first string defenses, and to get ready for game day.

Tim Rattay has very little NFL experience. He has spent years learning the intricacies of the 49ers offense from a playbook but has had almost no opportunity to show what he has learned on the field. Clearly the most polished of the 49ers backup quarterbacks, the 49ers will do whatever they can to train Rattay to the point where they will have confidence in him to take over for Garcia when a game is well within the 49ers hands, or should Garcia go down.

This season will mark Rattay’s second as the primary backup on the roster. However, last season the 49ers re-signed Rick MIrer half way through the season in fear that if Garcia went down, they couldn’t completely depend on Rattay. The 49ers won’t have that luxury this year, as either Cade McNown or rookie Brandon Doman will fill the 49ers third quarterback position.

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