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Rattay Takes Advantage Of Chance
August 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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All off-season the talk about Tim Rattay has been what he will do when given the chance to play with the starting unit. The backup quarterback has looked progressively better as he’s received increased play time over the past four exhibition games. His last game, against the Raiders though, had to have been his best.

Rattay first stepped into the game at the end of the second quarter to orchestrate the 49ers two-minute-offense. Working with a makeshift offense built of starters and backups - the best situation Rattay has been in so far, in terms of personnel, Rattay looked sharp, and poised, leading the 49ers to their only touchdown. The touchdown pass, was a thing of beauty. With pressure in his face, Rattay tossed a perfect pass to Cedrick Wilson who was running a corner pattern to the front of the endzone. Only Wilson ever had a chance of catching the pass, and he did.

Working against a make-shift defense, with a make-shift offense in the third and fourth quarters, Rattay continued to do some very good things. The most impressive of which was the final play of the third quarter, where Rattay recognized certain pass interference on Cedrick Wilson and tossed the ball that way to take advantage of it. The result of course, was a fifteen yard gain without Wilson even having to catch the pass.

With about seven minutes left in the game, Rattay had another impressive drive. Starting on the 49ers 48-yard line, after a nice runback by Jimmy Williams, Rattay lead the team down field to the Oakland 9-yard line. A 36-yard pass to James Jordan brought the 49ers into scoring distance. Rattay’s next pass was complete to Mark Anelli in the endzone, but a 10-yard holding penalty on Ty Wise negated the score. Rattay then threw three successive incomplete passes, two of them were knocked out of the receivers hands.

Rattay certainly took advantage of his latest showing in the 49ers offense. It was the first game where there was a marked improvement. He looked like a legitimate backup in this game, a player that could actually move the sticks and get the job done. Rattay will see extensive action in the 49ers game Wednesday, and the team would like to see him pick up where he left off (which happened to be two completions for 27-yards). After that, the team will hope that the only time Rattay sees action is when the team is securely winning a game, and Garcia takes simply steps aside.

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