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Rattay “Mission Accomplished”
August 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Shortly after Tim Rattay’s best performance as a 49er, Mariucci declared the Rattay project as a “mission accomplished”. The 49ers goal all off-season was to get the backup quarterback enough repetitions that he and the team could both be confident in his ability to run the offense in the event that Jeff Garcia were to go down.

Rattay was one of few players happy to have five pre-season games to learn from, and what a turn around he has made. Rattay was on the mark all through the first half of the game. He threw and ran for touchdowns and did not have one turnover. He was able to move the chains consistently against the Chargers primary offense, and as a result, the 49ers can now be confident in their backup to Garcia.

Rattay’s competition percentage was over 76% but that is rather normal for the quarterback. The difference is, this time he was able to move the chains and get into the end zone.

Of course, it should be noted, that it was really Rattay’s first time playing behind a starting offensive line (although that time was minimal) and he had good protection all day. That type of play by the men in the trenches, is helpful to any quarterback.

After an off-season of wondering about his abilities, the 49ers got a glimpse of the Rattay that starred in college, and prompted the 49ers to draft two quarterback in one year. Mission accomplished.

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