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49ers Regretting Rasheed Pick?
December 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Head Coach, Steve Mariucci was asked recently about the injured linebacker Saleem Rasheed who was drafted this past off-season. Rasheed has missed the bulk of the season with a quadriceps injury. After rehabilitating his injury, Rasheed re-injured his muscle during the month of Ramadan, when he fasts for religious reasons, and he was unable to get the fluids needed to replenish the muscle.

The 49ers were aware of Rasheed devotion when they drafted him. They knew that he would fast for the day light hours of this portion of the season. Still they thought his play on the field, outweighed any potential downside of his devotion.

The 49ers, mainly Steve Mariucci may be having second thoughts about drafting Rasheed, or rather second thoughts about him following his faith. Steve Mariucci stated earlier this week that: "I'm no doctor but I got to believe muscles need to be hydrated, but we'll talk more about it in the offseason."

Mariucci’s comments have raised questions within the 49ers fan community about whether the team made the wrong decision in drafting Rasheed in the third round. Unfortunately we will have to wait until the off-season for this story to truly unfold.

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