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Rasheed Returns
January 10th 2003
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers will get a boost on the defensive side of the ball this weekend when linebacker Saleem Rasheed returns from a quadriceps injury. Rasheed has played just one game since his injury, after suffering a setback during the holy month of Ramadan - which he observes and fasts during.

Rasheed was back at practice this week, and felt great afterward. The 49ers will likely use him to help keep the linebackers fresh, to solidify special teams and to be used in the blitz. Rasheedís speed should be a great aid to a team that has been suffering from injuries all season.

``I feel outstanding,'' Rasheed said. ``I've tested the leg time and time again. I'm not sitting out. I've done too much strengthening, and I've trained too well.'' Rasheed is very confident, as his comments suggest that his leg will hold up. Itís great news for the 49ers, who early this week re-signed veteran linebacker Terry Killens to their roster.

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