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Special Teams Reactions
October 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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You have to hand it to Jose Cortez. He hasnít had an amazing season, but heís certainly been reliable since the second week of the season. His field goals seems to be much improved overt the end of last season. Cortez still lacks in the kick off department though, leaving the opposition, quite often with good field position.

The special teamsí coverage units have not done anything out standing this season yet either. It was nice to see that the team was only forced to punt twice however.

The return game also has yet to show any promise. The fumbles did stop this game though, and that was certainly encouraging.

The 49ers need to start making plays in this area of the field too. Iíve seen special teams turn games 180 degrees in the past, and Iíd hate to see the 49ers fall victim to that type of situation again.

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