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Another Way The 49ers Prepare For The Rams
June 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers made it their priority to stop the Rams this season. They had simply had enough of losing to a team that they formerly dominated. And so, along with bringing in some new players, expected to make the roster, the 49ers are bringing in players that will help them prepare for the Rams.

One such player, is undrafted receiver, Mike Jennings. Jennings was spotted by Jerry Rice and JJ Stokes one day while they were working out at Stanford. Jennings a sprinter was training. Both Rice and Stokes could not believe the speed they were seeing.

Naturally, Jennings name was passed up to the 49ers brass, and while they donít think he has all the tools to make it in the NFL, they certainly saw a use for him. The team knows that Jennings could still learn to use his arms and body in the way NFL receivers do. They know that with practice he will surely get better. But with a crowded receiver spot as it is, the 49ers use of Jennings is likely for other purposes.

Jennings is fast. Really fast. The 49ers donít have that type of speed on their team. Sure they are constantly getting quicker, but speed like that, they just donít have it. The Rams receivers are fully of speed, and while they are not as fast as Jennings, they are still very quick. The 49ers defense typically doesnít see that speed in practice. Jennings gives the 49ers a player who can really test its defenses speed. He can run fast and for a long time.

As much as Iíd love to see a guy with this type of speed on the 49ers roster, itís more likely that he wonít be. He would have a ton to learn in one short off-season, and would be up against some heavy competition. Itís unlikely Jennings will find his way onto the 49ers roster, he might be a practice squad player, but in the mean time, the 49ers will use everything he has to help them get ready to beat the Rams.

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