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Offensive Reactions
August 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The suitable place to start my offensive reactions this week has to be the offensive line. The offensive line did nothing to keep the 49ers quarterbacks on their feet, and rarely gave them any time to throw. With Eric Heitman starting for Ron Stone, and Ben Lynch in for Jeremy Newberry the starting offensive line absolutely failed to stop the Raiders in this game. The line was completely controlled by the Black and Silver. The depth players along the offensive line did no better. Tim Rattay was under pressure all day, too. Neither line was really able to do anything to help the run game too. The line was also called several times on illegal procedure penalties for lining up incorrectly.

Jeff Garcia had one of his worst performances as a 49er. Of course, it’s hard to blame the guy. By the second quarter, he was rolling away from the pocket as quickly as he can just so he wouldn’t get hammered. Tim Rattay on the other hand probably had his best outing as a 49er. Rattay threw a great touchdown pass to Cedrick Wilson and was able to complete passes rather consistently. He was facing a much lesser defense though.

Neither Garrison Hearst nor Kevan Barlow did anything to help slow up the pass rush in this one. The team looked to Fred Beasley on numerous running carries, more than they’ve given him in a long time - he was unable to run anywhere too. About the only running back who did have a nice day was Jamal Robertson. On several occasion Robertson used great vision to cut back, and make something out of nothing. He made a few nice catches too, and may have supplanted Saladin McCullough on the depth charts.

The tight ends did not do a good job blocking in this game. Still Johnson, Swift and even Anelli came up with a few nice grabs. Anelli had a touchdown called back on him, but nevertheless did a nice job finding the soft spot in the defensive secondary for the play.

Terrell Owens had a nice reception down field after getting wide open and Garcia scrambled through the line to find him. JJ Stokes made a nice grab or too also. Cedrick Wilson hauled in a touchdown pass on a great catch, and a perfect throw from Tim Rattay to close the first half of football.

It was a very poor offensive performance on all accounts. It all came down to not being able to control the line of scrimmage. As a result, the 49ers couldn’t run and they couldn’t pass - they just got pounded on.

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