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Defensive Reactions
November 4 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers defense had their best game in about three weeks against a potentially explosive Raiders Team. The defense was highlighted by the play of the defense line, which held the Raiders running game to under 90 yards, and made a few great plays, primarily from Andre Carter - who forced a fumble and Chike Okeafor who made shoelace tackle to save a likely touchdown.

The linebacking core played well too. Julian Peterson was beaten for a touchdown pass but other than that, they played much better. In past weeks the 49ers linebackers were not making immediate tackles after receptions, they did this week and it made a huge difference.

The defensive backs played a very good game too. The Raiders who threw for over 300 yards in six consecutive games were stifled to 164 yards in the air and just one touchdown. Ahmed Plummer took Tim Brown out of the game, he only had once reception. Jason Webster was taught a few lessons by Jerry Rice, but really the completions came against Mike Rumph who saw a lot of time against Jerry Porter. Safety Tony Parrish made an incredibly athletic move to try and intercept a ball in the end zone, the pass fell incomplete but was still a great play. Ronnie Heard had some good coverage throughout the game.

Overall it was a much improved defense that still struggled on third downs, but did manage to force three punts, which for this team, was a huge improvement.

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