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Defensive Reactions
August 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers only gave up ten points this week. That really isnít that bad. If you include two missed field goals, itís really only 23 points, and that too should be enough to get a win. Still there were problems, and it stemmed mostly from losing the battle in the trenches. Unable to stop the run on some series, and unable to get to the passer on most series the defensive struggled. Still the blame goes less on the defensive line I feel and more on the linebackers.

While the defensive line was usually around to make a play, they were getting little help from the next three defenders. Whole were often left unfilled, and tackles unwrapped. Running backs left free to roam without much linebacker help. From such a solid crew of linebackers it was really a disappointing performance.

The cornerbacks were facing one of the best sets of receivers in the league, and while Jerry Rice caught four passes, Tim Brown caught none, and the team did not give up any big plays. Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster had ok showings, but they have certainly played better. I can only recall one pass in Mike Rumphís direction, so he had to have been doing something right. The depth corners played well too, keeping the Raiders in check for most of the game.

Tony Parish and Zack Bronson played well at safety. The duo is starting to work well together, and interact well with one another. Chad Cota was not very impressive on the limited action he saw, and Ronnie Heard was used quite a bit. He had an ok game.

The defense played well enough to win this game, but they certainly didnít shine. I donít really expect them too until the 49ers start bringing the blitz and more complex schemes onto the field.

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