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Coaching Reactions
August 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Granted the 49ers were entering their second game of a three game stretch in nine days, but even still, the 49ers coaching staff did not have the team ready to play football. That was clearly evident by the second strait week of too many penalties. The team does not appear to be disciplined any more. It has a great season last year, and a nice start in the exhibition in terms of not getting called for penalties, but in the past two games, things have simply fallen apart.

There is no reason for the offensive line to be called repeatedly for not lining up correctly. This and other penalties can only be the result of the coaching staff not getting the team properly prepared for football.

The Raiders surprised the 49ers by coming out in a 3-4 defense. The coaching staff opted not to adapt to it and as a result the offense couldnít move the ball. Jeff Garcia was under constant pressure, but rather than keeping an extra man in to protect him, the coaching staff let him get beaten into the ground. It was simply ridiculous. I can understand not wanting to deviate from a game plan, but something has to be done when your franchise player is getting pressured like he was on Saturday night. While the coaching staff did try to change things up a bit, with quick passes instead of the run, they really were unable to protect their quarterbacks and unable to get the offense moving.

The prevent defense has long been known for preventing teams from winning. The 49ers coaches still havenít learned that lesson, and continue to run the defense. The result as seen last night was the opposition being able to move the ball with ease. Either the team needs to abandon the prevent defense or the coaches need to adapt it, because it was simply pitiful at the end of the first half on two Raider drives.

The coaching staff is still running a vanilla offense. G-d I hope thatís not all they have, and they really will unveil something new and exciting in the regular season, when games count. Otherwise this team is in for serious trouble. The 49ers were not playing with nearly the intensity of the Raiders and that was likely because the team was still in the vanilla mode. Itís long been said that when one team is going all out, and the other is taking it easy someone is going to get hurt. Someone did, actually several players did including Jeff Ulbrich, Reggie McGrew, Chad Ward, Terry Jackson, Jeremy McDaniel, Derrick Deese and Jim Flanigan.

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