The Future Quarteback? ---2/16/99

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49ers sign QB Jeff Garcia.

One reason the 49ers have been so dominant for nearly 2 centuries is stability and excellence at the most important position on the field quarterback. Starting back in the Walsh and Montana era, the 49ers planned a head. They knew that one day their starter, Montana, would nead to step down. Walsh took action. He traded some draft pics to aquire Steve Young to back up Montana, and also got his hands on Steve Bono. These 3 quarterbacks probably made up the best quarterback depth ever in the NFL. However things happened. Montana did eventually step down, and Steve Young did step in, but Steve Bono had to go. He was to expensive and old to keep on the bench. In came Elvis Grbac, Grbac was supposed to be a great QB, he worked out to be a good back up, but that's it. Eventually he was signed away by Kansas City, following in Montana and Bono's footsteps. He still hasn't done anything there.

With Grbac's departure the 49ers felt it was necessary to draft a QB. They chose Jim Drukenmiller, even though Bill Walsh advised otherwise. Jeff Brohm was in to help out too, but neither seemed to have cut it. Brohm was released, and the 49ers retained Drukenmiller thinking he could still be there man of the future. To assist in his grooming and to add a security belt to Steve Young, the 49ers signed Ty Detmer. Detmer is the ideal back up, but that is all he will ever amount to be. He could one day become a coach, but for now he has made Steve Young's life a little more adventurous.

With the 49ers unsure of their future QB situation for the first time in a long time. They opted to take a page out of Buffalo's book, and look to the Canadian Football League. What they found was and have signed is last years Canadian Football League's MVP Jeff Garcia. Garcia is 28 years old and is 6'1 / 195 pounds and has four years of experience. He threw 28 touchdowns last season with the Calgary Stampeders. The addition of Garcia doesn't guarantee that he will be on the 9ers roster for next season, but there is a very good chance. The signing of Garcia has now almost assured that fact that the 9ers will trade either Ty Detmer or Jim Drukenmiller.

The 49ers like what they have in Garcia. However they may still want to try and pick some one out of the draft to offer some competition. One name being tossed around is Cade McNown. McNown is a good QB, but probably could only thrive in system with weapons. He is a completely different QB then Grbac was, but will probably end up with the same result, unless he can make a giant leap to the NFL. One thing the 9ers will deffinitely like about Garcia, is his ability to run. Last season he had the 3rd most amount of rushing yards as a quarterback in the CFL, and that was with a good team. The 49ers may have what they are hoping for with this one. . Talk about it in the 49ers forum

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