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One QB Released, One To Go
June 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers made another roster move at the end of this week, and again it was at the quarterback position. The team cut NFL Europe quarterback Billy Cockerham leaving five quarterbacks on the roster. It is expected that one more be released some time in the next week.

Billy Cockerham was allocated to the Frankfurt Galaxy team in Europe. He spent the entire season on the bench, not seeing action for a single noteworthy play. Cockerham was not expected to be part of the 49ers 2002 roster, but there was an outside chance that the team would take him on as a ‘training camp’ arm. But with the recent overload at the position, the team decided they may as well just release him.

The team is now left with five quarterbacks: Jeff Garcia, Tim Ratty, Brandon Doman, Cade McNown and Giovanni Carmazzi. Carmazzi, who has been injured for nearly his entire NFL career is expected to either be released in the next week or so, or come to an injury settlement with the team.

Providing Carmazzi is released, the 49ers will enter training camp with four quarterbacks. Each certainly has there place with the team, but the 49ers will likely only carry three of them on the roster this season. Jeff Garcia is obviously secure as the starter, but how the depth chart from there breaks down is completely unclear. Ideally the team will retain all four players, one of whom on the practice squad.

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