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Searching For A Quarterback Coach
March 16th 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Earlier this past week the 49ers lost their second quarterbacks coach in as many years. Greg Olson brought in to replace Gregg Knapp after Knapp's promotion, officially stepped down form his position to return to his wife and coach as an assistant in the college ranks. Olson stated that he had a good time working with the 49ers, but family had to prevail. The 49ers being a family oriented team completely understood.

So they have quite the search ahead of them. The 49ers quarterback coach is historically a prestigious position, so it's not like the team can fill the role with just anyone. Whoever the team uses to replace Olson, Knapp will surely play a large role in grooming them and in working with the quarterbacks. His role was somewhat two-fold last season, and Olson was a very strong coach.

Finding a quarterback coach could be a long process, and if the 49ers don't have anyone in mind I'd be very surprised if they fill the spot before they get final word from Schulters let alone the draft. All of which are bound to be time consuming processes. The 49ers most certainly lost a good coach in Olson, someone who was largely responsible for the vast improvement from Tim Ratty and someone who was able to continue the flow and work seamlessly with Greg Knapp.

It's possible, however unlikely that the 49ers use Greg Knapp in a duel role rather than looking for a QB coach. A system could be set up where an assistant works with Knapp in the same manor that defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr. worked with Brett Maxie last season with the defensive backs. Such an assistant could be found in Steve Bono a former 49ers quarterback himself, long time veteran, and someone who has just signed up as an alumni coordinator with the team.

Bono could be the perfect fit for the 49ers, and he would in all likelihood be a great coach. His experience, and great personal relations as well as his vast knowledge of the NFL and different offenses and defenses would make him a natural for the role. Former players however sometimes don't want to log the long hours of a coach, and that could be a very big deterrent for Bono - who perhaps would be more willing to consider the assistant job I spoke of earlier.

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