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6.5 To The Pro Bowl
December 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The NFL announced itís playoff rosters yesterday afternoon. On the list were six 49ers players and one 49er as an alternate. This is the second consecutive year for the 49ers where they will send six players to the Pro Bowl after the original assembly of the roster. Alternates will only make the trip if one of the players selected to the Pro Bowl declines the invitations (usually due to injury or personal reasons).

The list of players included Jeff Garcia, Jeremy Newberry, Terrell Owens, Ron Stone, Bryant Young and Julian Peterson. Garcia will be making his third consecutive appearance in the Pro Bowl after posting his third consecutive 3000 yard season. Garcia is in his fourth year in the NFL, and third year as a starter.

Center Jeremy Newberry will be making his second consecutive appearance. He will have fellow offensive lineman Ron Stone. Stone will be making his third appearance in the game.

Receiver Terrell Owens will play in his third Pro Bowl. Owens has positioned himself to lead the NFC in receptions, yards and touchdowns this season.

Defensive tackle Bryant Young will be making his fourth appearance in the game despite his low sack total. Julian Peterson will be making his first appearance in Hawaii after displaying his talent by playing ever defensive position on the field.

Fred Beasley, who is regarded as one of the leagues best fullbacks only made the roster as an alternate. Beasley has been constantly shunned from the game because he is a true blocking fullback.

There were a few notable exceptions on the Pro Bowl roster, but of course, the team canít be made entirely of 49ers. Tony Parrish who won two 49ers awards, and the defensive player of the week award, was left off the list. Parrish has played with a dislocated elbow and leads the team in picking up turnovers. Offensive lineman Derrick Deese who hasnít given up a sack this season was also left off of the list. Cornerback Ahmed Plummer who has quietly had a great season, but he too was omitted from the Pro Bowl roster.

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