Pro Bowl 99- 12/22/99
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There has been very little to cheer about this season. The 49ers have had a whopping 4 victories. Yes that is right, 4 victories, essentially that means if they do not win another game this season, it will leave them with only 25% winning percentage this season.

Lucky for some of us, we can take pleasure in the little things that have happened this season. Take Charlie Garner for example. Garner came to the 49ers as a player expected to be second string, but he has broken the 1000 yard mark and proven to be a player that the 9ers will love to have when Hearst is back. He may actually push the 49ers into becoming a (dare I say it) running team. Then there is second year man Fred Beasely who won over the starting job this season over Tommy Vardell. Beasely has grow into one of the best fullbacks in the league.

Of course nobody can forget the re-emergence of Jeff Garcia who may have inspired a little confidence in his future with the club. Or how about Bobb McKittrick the 49ers offensive line coach who is currently suffering from bile duct cancer, but refuses to give up on the 49ers? If that is not something to be proud of I don't know what is.

Let us not forget this years Len Eshmont winner Bryant Young. Young has returned from a devastating leg injury and has proven to be a huge force once again. He has re-established himself as the best in the league, and with every sac he records, the 49ers fans should go wild. Young was elected to the Pro Bowl today in what should not have been a hard decision. Congratulations are awarded to the most inspirational player on the 49ers.

Now where would we be without Lance Schulters. The man who stepped into Merton Hank's former position and showed the whole league that he is for real. Schulters leads the team in interceptions this season, and already has doubled the amount that Hanks had last season. Schulters also is a tremendous run support safety. Today Schulters was also elected to the Pro Bowl, rounding the 49ers number of elections off at two.

The 49ers season has been disappointing, however there are a core of players who have made something special this season, and all the players on the team should be commended for staying motivated even when the going got tough. The 49ers through thick and thin will always be the best. Keep the 49ers Pride Alive.
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