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Pre-Season Rematches
September 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers home opener today will be a rematch of this pre-season when the Broncos faced the 49ers. The 49ers won the exhibition game, but that outcome will likely be of little factor when the two teams meet later today. Interestingly, the 49ers will face all five of its pre-season opponents in the regular season this year.

This season, is actually the first time that the 49ers are meeting all of its pre-season opponents in the regular season - and was a big reason why the 49ers limited both their offensive and defensive schemes so greatly prior to the start of the season. In 1951, and 1970, the 49ers faced four of their five pre-season opponents in the regular season. In 1979, the 49ers only played four pre-season games, and had a rematch against each opponent that season.

In every season but 1979, that the 49ers had a rematch against at least four of its pre-season opponents, the 49ers recorded a wining record. In 1951, the 49ers went 7-4-1 after a 4-1 pre-season start. In 1950, the 49ers went to the NFC Championship game, after an 11-4-1 season, that pre-season; the 49ers were only 1-4. In 1979, the 49ers went a dismal 2-14 after a 1-3 pre-season.

Itís interesting that along with having a 66% chance of a winning season, by way of this statistic as the only measure of success (yeah right like one statistic can tell us how the entire season will go), the 49ers had two very rare tie games in those seasons.

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