Making The Roster- 08/22/99
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The regular football season is very quickly approaching, thus drawing a conclusion to the 49ers pre-season. In recent years the 49ers have sputtered in the exhibition series. This year however Mariucci has found a way to win even the most meaningless of games, and the expression, "it's only pre-season" has become non existent. Rounding out the exhibition portion of the season, is an inside look at making the roster.

Growing up, and heading off to College many people wish to become that football star that they once idolized. Players want to be the man that children look up to. It is these players that are better role models than most that play at this level. They are the players that play for the game and not the money. The 49ers are very fortunate this season. They have two talents who want more then anything to play football, and will give their soul to make the squad, even as a back up. They are David Richie and Wasswa Serwanga; and they had this to say: ``I want to stick really, really bad. This is like a dream for me, playing with the 49ers.''--David Richie ``The room for mistakes at this level is minimal,'' said Serwanga, ``The difference between a good cornerback and a bad one can be a false read or a false step.'' Both Richie and Serwanga have had exceptional pre-seasons and are most likely going to make their way onto the 49ers 53 man roster, it is these players that should be watched and followed and rewarded for their love of the game.

With such a hectic exhibition season, the 49ers are lucky that players such as these two are still around. If Lawrence Phillips could have half the heart of these players I would not doubt him for a second. The 49ers pre-season has been filled with surprises, from Jeff Garcia to the minor injuries of Terrell Owens and Greg Clark, both of whom once had that natural high of making the team for the first time. Yes the 49ers should thank their lucky stars that they have found players who love the game, who know that money is only half of the experience.

Rounding out the pre-season the 49ers will face Oakland then Denver. Charles Haley is expected to be held out, and Steve Young and Jerry Rice will be limited once again. As this rivalry is re-born it will be interesting to see if Phillips can live up to his billing, if Terrell has healed, and if Garcia can come back from a rather dismal performance. Of course there are other questions, like our defensive backfield, and of course Reggie McGrew and Chike Okeafor being in-active for most of the summer, but for the most part we will have to wait and see how the season progresses before we come to any conclusions.

Editors Note- I would just like to let everyone know that I am back. Expect articles to be added more frequently and this site to reach the ultimate high in closing out this century of football. As soon as the season starts up, expect the Clash of the Week sections to be thoroughly updated before any other fan site on the net and most commercial sites too. Thank you for your continued support!
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