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Power Nap
November 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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A Japanese business theory is that by giving employees the opportunity to nap for 20 minutes a day, the employees will perform at a higher level throughout the rest of the day. Steve Mariucci implored a similar practice this week giving the 49ers Monday and Tuesday off, and shortening Wednesday’s practice to help get the team healthy again, and to get them emotionally prepared for another tough game this Sunday.

The 49ers have one of the longest injury reports in the league, and are facing a team who is not listing a single player as even probable on their list. The team also was very emotionally burnt out after the win in Oakland. And so the rest time is much needed and deserved.

In resting the team, Mariucci is hoping that they will be ready for the Chiefs. that they become focused and don’t start making mistakes, in the same way they have been in the past weeks. The 49ers after all have not had a rest since before the Rams game. This two and a half day rest could be the last off-time the team gets this season, and was a good decision by Mariucci. Hopefully it will indeed work to the teams benefit.

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