Poor Mora, Now Powered --11/09/01
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Current 49ers defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr. has been the subject of much scrutiny over the course of his coaching career. The son of the great coach Jim Mora Sr., - Jr. has always been trying to get the recognition he deserved. Of course, when your defense is ranked near the last in the league for several years in a row, itís pretty hard to get that recognition.

When he arrived on scene with the 49ers, Mora was the defensive backfield coach. As the defensive backfield coach, Mora worked with Antonio Langham, RW McQuarters, Darnell Walker, Marqueze Pope, Marc McMillian, and Rod Woodson along with safeties Merton Hanks and Tim McDonald. On paper, a rather good group of athletes that had performed decently throughout their NFL careers. So when the 49ers defensive backfield wasnít performing up to snub, Mora became the bearer of criticism.

Mora stuck with it though. Not paying attention to doubters, Mora won the approval of coach Mariucci and moved up the ranks of the 49ers coaching staff. In his first year as defensive coordinator, the 49ers defense was just horrid. Again Mora shouldered the blame. All this time though, Mora has really been doing wonders with little talent. And now that he has some talent on the defensive side of the ball, we can really see how good a coach he is.

Although Moraís defense isnít ranked top in the NFL, itís quite apparent that he has turned these players around, molding them into a confident squad that can really compete with opposition. This change has finally started changing doubters minds. Suddenly Mora, or ĎMoroní as he was often called in his early days with the team, is receiving praise from fans. Itís a long time coming, and that couldnít be more evident than when listening to when players speak of Mora.

Players have always had confidence in Mora, they like his strategies, schemes, and coaching abilities, and really respect him. It took a real long time for the fans to be convinced of this, but itís nice to know, that at least some fans are looking past the first few years and really seeing how productive Mora is. As Mora spends more time with the 49ers as defensive coordinator, and the team benefits from more solid drafting and some salary cap room, look for more and more Mora doubters, to become Mora supporters.

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