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Plummer Defends Brown
November 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Take a look at the Raiders offensive statistics from this past Sundayís game and you may notice that Tim Brown, the legend Raidersí receiver, and certain hall of famer only had once reception. What that stat doesnít show, but certainly implies is that he was well covered all game - and thatís mainly because Ahmed Plummer, the 49ers top cornerback was matched up against him for most of the day.

Ahmed Plummer has been having a quiet season, which for a cornerback is a good thing. After recording seven interceptions last season, teams seem to shy away from his side of the field. Thatís what good cornerbacks do, and thatís the role the 49ers had envisioned for Plummer when they drafted him in the first round.

The third year player is extremely knowledgeable and has unparalleled football smarts. He makes plays when the ball does come his way, and more often than not forces teams to look the other way. Ahmed Plummer is having a great season, and the 49ers have to be happy with this youngsters performance so far.

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