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The 49ers Play Where?
April 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Typical isn't? Just as we every day civilians start to get used to something, start to enjoy something, a big company steps in and ruins us all. Of course we all remember rejecting the re-naming of Candelstick Park to 3Com Park, but in this World of business we live in, where money is the motivator of all, we had no choice.

Sure there was a little compromise on 3Com's part, agreeing to retain "Candelstick" in an elongated version of the stadium name - "3Com Park At Candelstick Point" but it was certainly clear to all of us that the 'Stick would never be the same. So years past and just as announced on television and taxi drivers begin to get used to "3Com Park", 3Com reveals that it's not going to renew it lease on the naming rights to the stadium. Just great.

Now I'm not opposed to coorpartate sponsorship - don't get me wrong, but after 3Com so strongly pursued the rights several years ago, after they attempted to bring the interactivity of a wireless network to the stadium - they just bale on the team. It's just typical that's all.

So now the 49ers need a new name, maybe an old name, but they need a name for their stadium. Obviously the fan favourite is Candelstick, but with today's cooparate sponsored NFL who knows - the 49ers may end up playing at the "McDonald's Happy Park". What's the big deal though - it's just the name of a stadium, we'd all prefer debating the merits of a new stadium anyway, so why am I wasting my time?

Simply speaking I believe the NFL has become to dependent on sponsorship. There are certain things that should remain sacred and unk-incoportated - such as stadium names, team uniforms and the like there of. I mean could you imagine if the 49ers unveiled a new unifroms of helmets with curly red hair on them, face masks with a big red clown nose, and yellow jump suits? Extreme you say? Maybe in the present, but at the current rate of corporate sponsorhip it wont be long. So as the debate of what to name the stadium grows, at least for the time being we don't have to put up with sponsorships being placed on jerseys and helmets as if the players were Nascar cars.

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