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Is it Playoff Time Yet?
January 6th, 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
It feels great to finally be writing about the 49ers being in the playoffs. All season there was speculation that the 49ers just might make it, and when it became a certainty it brought smiles to loyal fans world - wide. Of course watching a winning team is fun - and so is writing about one, but the past two seasonís have been great too.

Watching Bill Walsh, John McVay, Terry Donahue and Steve Mariucci rebuild this team has been awesome. Seeing them put the right pieces of the puzzle together to form a winner - remarkable. And to do it so quickly it actually has been a fun road back to the upper plateau of the NFL.

Seeing players like Ahmed Plummer, Jason Webster, Julian Peterson, Chike Okeafore, John Engelberger, Jeff Garica, Garrison Hearst/Charlie Garner, Terry Jackson, Andre Carter and all the countless others grow into a functional team has been much more fun than I could have imagined it.

Perhaps being so used to winning, the novelty of losing and building was just different and thus fan. Sure had it lasted a couple more seasons we would all be much more frustrated but thankfully it didnít - so everyone itís time for that sigh of relief. Itís great to know that the 49ers are such a great team that they can surmount all odds and rebuild themselves when necessary. Hopefully the road back to the top was long enough and the foundation built strong enough that the 49ers can begin another long run on top of the NFL.

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