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Niners Should Be Cautious About Play Time
August 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Steve Mariucci announced his intentions to play his starting team into the second quarter tonight against the Denver Broncos. The slight increase in play time will be welcomed by the starters who are itching to play more. Depending on when the team pulls Jeff Garcia from the game, it may also give Tim Rattay some time to work with the starting team.

A popular subject this off-season has been how much to play the starters in order for them to shake of the rust, and still avoid potential injury. Personally I thought the team did a good job of this in the second pre-season game, but I felt the first pre-season game did not provide enough play time for the starters. While I agree at some point that the starting team should get more practice together in pre-season, I also wonder if against the Broncos tonight is the right time to do this.

The Broncos are not holding back on either side of the ball this pre-season, the 49ers on the other hand have been running in ‘vanilla’ mode all pre-season. With one team going all out, and another team sticking to the basics it just sounds like the recipe for injury. By far the 49ers biggest concern from this game is to keep the team healthy, and I really worry that increasing play time tonight may just be the wrong time.

Further - In yesterdays Contra Costa Times sports section, 49ers player Eric Johnson wrote a piece about the 49ers trip to Osaka Japan. Interestingly, Johnson comes from an Ivy League school, in Yale where he majored in Business.

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