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Pitch and Catch
November 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers were content to take what the Chiefs were giving them on offense. As a result, the Chiefs dictated the game even when the 49ers were scoring. Playing a safe zone, the Chiefs were letting the 49ers throw short, and simply protected against the deep passes. The result was a much more complacent offense.

The 49ers averaged just 4.4 yards per pass completion. A number that was not only significantly less than the 5.9 the Chiefs averaged, but a number that was significantly lower than what the 49ers have put up in recent weeks.

Last week, the 49ers averaged 7.8 yards per passing play, and as a result, their offense looked much more explosive and was much more effective. Letting a defense dictate what your offense is going to do is a dangerous way to play a game, as the 49ers learned by only be able to muster 17 points.

The 49ers canít expect to move the ball four yards at a time and put points on the board. The difference between the sustained drives of past weeks, and the Chiefís game was that in past weeks the 49ers didnít have to complete tons of plays to move the ball downfield. The more plays the offense has to run the greater the chance for them to make a mistake, which is exactly what happened, and is exactly the reason why the 49ers need to gain more yards per pass play.

The contentment of the offense to sit back and let the Chiefs tell them where to throw the ball was an extremely ineffective form of offense. The 49ers should have tried to force the Chiefs to shift out of that defense by flooding zones and moving the ball down field. They didnít even try to do that - and wonít be able to beat the leagues bests with this type of philosophy.

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