Playing GM- 04/18/2001
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This past week I had the unique opportunity of playing general manager for the 49ers. Pro Football News, a site I provide content to, held a mock draft with the reporters for each team playing general manager for the day. I have included the first eight picks of the draft, and an analysis of the number nine, 49ers pick and why I chose the player I did when I did. The uniqueness of this mock draft is it gives a completely unbiased opinion of whom the other teams will draft. Thus, it provides a realistic output of the expectations for this weekend's draft.

Round One:
Chargers - Michael Vick
Cardinals - Gerard Warren
Browns - Deuce McAllister
Bengals - Leonard Davis
Falcons - David Terrell
Patriots - Steve Hutchinson
Seahawks - Justin Smith
Bears - Andre Carter

And the 49ers Pick… Dan Morgan! Dan Morgan a linebacker out of the University of Miami is the number one rated linebacker in the draft. Morgan fills one of the 49ers most glaring needs. Heading into the draft, my strategy was to draft the best player at linebacker, defensive end, or running back. With Deuce McAllister, Justin Smith and Andre Cater already off the board, the pick was obvious. Jamal Reynolds and LaDainian Tomlinson were other choices for this pick, but Morgan is simply a better football player.

Morgan is six foot two, and weighs in at two-hundred-forty-two pounds, though his playing weight is more than twenty-pounds heavier. He runs the forty, in four point five eight seconds and is extremely explosive. He has a great vertical and simply has an eye for the ball. Morgan was born to play football. His measurables are fantastic, and his intangibles measure off the chart. Morgan will play through pain and has proved durable throughout his college career. Morgan should be able to step right in, start, and be a contributor.

The 49ers need at linebacker is as follows: Last season's first round draft pick Julian Peterson did an excellent job last season. He along with Derek Smith, a free agent acquired from the Redskins this off-season, are projected starters. Meanwhile, another one of last season's draft picks, Jeff Ulbrich is working hard to rehabilitate an injury and gain a starting spot on the team. The 49ers have confidence in Ulbrich but they don't know if he is first-string caliber. The drafting of Morgan would give the 49ers an immediate three starting linebackers with better depth at the position.

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