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Peterson Deserves His Due
December 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Julian Peterson has had his best season as a pro this year. He seems to be finally materializing in the perennial pro the 49ers had envisioned him as when they drafted him in the first round. This past weekend against the Cowboys Peterson probably had the best game of his career.

The 49ers used the fast, strong and versatile player, who normally plays linebacker and some defensive end, in every position on the field. Peterson played defensive line, linebacker, safety and even cornerback as the 49ers tried to compensate for the many injuries they had on defense.

Peterson was so effective in his multiple roles, that the Cowboys didn’t even attempt a pass in his direction while covering receivers. He managed to jam the receivers so effectively at the line of scrimmage he working with the help of the safeties, who at times were Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster, was able to help keep the Cowboys’ best receiver Joey Galloway to one catch.

Peterson certainly made a case to win his second NFC Defensive Player Of The Week honors of this season. His performance was simply awe inspiring. It would be wise for the 49ers to continue to ‘mix it up’ with Peterson to take advantage of this incredible athlete.

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