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More Focus
October 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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While the defense was unable to stop the Saints offense, it wasn’t because they were beating themselves, and while the offense beat its self with turnovers late in the game, they had at least taken a step to improvement from the previous week. Coming off a short week, and having to play a road game, undoubtedly left the 49ers tired, and while the coaching staff may not have had the answer for the Saints they did manage to hammer home one message:

No More Penalties!

That was a message the 49ers coaching staff left the players with this past week. The team had 8 penalties assessed in the previous week, far too many for a good team. On Sunday, the team remained drastically more focused on not committing the penalties.

The improvement in this area was certainly noticed. There were a few penalties, Jason Webster’s pass interference in the late in the game, near the goal line for one that never should have taken place - still this area did improve, and left the 49ers with something to build on for the remaining games of the season. Now if only they could eliminate the turnovers…

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