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Parrish To Provide Pass Rush?
September 04 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In recent years the 49ers have struggled to really generate a pass rush. Despite acquiring Julian Peterson, Andre Carter and re-signing Dana Stubblefield, the 49ers just haven’t been able to get to the quarterback as often as they would like, or as often as they have in the past. Strong safety, Tony Parrish may help the team change that.

Parrish is a hard hitting safety that excels when playing up around the line of scrimmage. He fits the mold of Tim McDonald in this area, and for those that remember Tim McDonald, especially in the twilight of his career will remember him wreaking havoc in the offensive backfield.

The 49ers recognize that Parrish is a more physical player than Lance Schulters, and know that his strength is playing up in the box rather than in pass coverage. If Parrish can start blitzing into the offensive backfield, it may open up some other holes for the rest of the defensive line.

Against the Giants Parrish’s contribution in stuffing the run will be key. While Tiki Barber is questionable for Thursday’s game, Ron Dayne is fully healthy. The two provide a great one-two punch. At the very least the 49ers will have to control the powerful Dayne and Parrish will be key in doing so.

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