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Parrish Needs Improvement Against Pass
August 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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When the 49ers signed strong safety Tony Parrish this off-season they thought they were getting a virtual clone of Lance Schulters who was departing to the Titans. They were nearly right in their observations, but after a four games in the pre-season there are a few differences.

Parrish is undoubtedly a faster safety than Schulters. He plays more up along the line in the same way that Tim McDonald once did, and can get to the quarterback. He’s great in run support too, and man can he hit.

On the downside, Parrish is not as strong as Schulters was in pass coverage. That’s not to say he isn’t up to snuff, he’s just not quite as good. When the 49ers go to a cover two defense, they may even decide to bring in an additional defensive back for Parrish, where as they used let Schulters stay in the game.

The 49ers shouldn’t be worried about Parrish’s week spot, but they should realize what he’s not be able to adapt to it. They would be foolish to not to make some personnel changes when the strong safety is supposed to be covering a receiver.

Further - The Patriots released former 49ers practice squad player, receiver Jimmy Farris. Jonas Lewis a former 49er RB was also released.

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