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Parker: Just Running
July 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In what is becoming an annual story around the 49ers, cornerback Anthony Parker has been injured, and will miss the entire season. Coming out of college, the 49ers envisioned the big corner to be a great part of their future. Unfortunately, the team didnít know that Parker was as brittle as a dry twig.

Parker has yet to have an entire healthy year with the team, which is quite unfortunate because when heís been healthy enough to play, heís actually showed the promise of being a real big part of the 49ers secondary. Parkerís latest injury, a torn left quadriceps, may bring his tenure with the 49ers to an end.

Parker has already undergone the surgery needed for recovery, officially ending his season. The injury occurred while running, nothing more, leaving the 49ers baffled as to why he canít stay healthy.

The injury also ends the competition between he and Rashad Holman. Even with Holman, an emerging Jimmy Williams and rookie Mike Rumph, the 49ers were still depending on Parker to be a big part of their team. Without him, the team loses a significant depth cushion that they thought they would have going into the season.

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