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Parrish’s Play Perfect
December 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Tony Parrish continues to his inspired play despite a dislocated elbow. Parrish recoded his second and third interceptions this past Sunday with his dislocated elbow. He now has five this season.

Parrish does more than just picking off quarterback passes though. He’s been key up along the line of scrimmage and in stifling the run. He’s also proven to be a key force in the defensive backfield with the constant injuries to the 49ers safeties.

Parrish has stepped into the 49ers defense this season, and virtually erased the memory of Lance Schulters - who he replaced. He is now considered one of the best defenders on the team, but there’s one final step for him to take.

Parish had lead by example all season. He makes plays and does so despite playing in immense pain. As such, he has become an on-field leader for this team. The 49ers need him to step up and become an off-field leader in the way that Tim McDonald was, in addition to his on field leadership. If he can do that, and begin to rally the troops, he will have completely transformed into one of the most important parts of the 49ers defense.

Parrish has recently been awarded the Ed Block Award, given within the 49ers organization to the player, that receives the most votes from his fellow players for exemplifying commitment to sportsmanship and courage. Given Parrish's adversities that he has overcome this year, including having a testicle removed in the off-season when a tumor was found in it, there is certainly no one more deserving of the award.

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