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49ers Not Set At Punter
September 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are not set with Jason Baker as their punter. In the past week, the team has tried out to other players at the position, and news came out that the team has a third in its sites. Baker has done a decent job during his tenure with the 49ers, but has certainly not been overly impressive.

The biggest problem with finding a punter, especially at this point, is that the 49ers stadium is extremely windy, and thus is very difficult to kick in. The conditions have often foiled players chances with the 49ers, yet those same players have had success elsewhere in the league.

Next week, punter Craig Jarrett will visit the 49ers and attempt to convince the 49ers that he is a better punter than Baker. Jarret was formerly with the Seahawks. Jarrett has already worked out with two other teams recently. It is my belief, that as a result of the 49ers stadium, that they won’t make a change at punter over the course of the season, unless Jason Baker becomes extremely ineffective, or injured.

Further - Another player in for a workout. WR Na Brown formerly of the Eagles.

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