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Special Teams Reactions
December 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Despite a 20 yard punt, punter Bill LaFleur had a decent day. He recorded a 60 yarded and ended up averaging 41.5 yards on his punts. The drastic differential was likely due to varying winds in the stadium on Sunday.

Jeff Chandler was perfect on two field goals from 42 and 47 yards out. The shorter of the two kicks was kicked a little fat, but still made it through the uprights. His kickoffs were, as usual, nothing to write home about.

Jamal Robertson has a hard time fielding kickoffs. The slick ball hit the ground on nearly every attempted return. Cedrick Wilson has just one punt return, for 21 yards. The 49ers were clearly missing Jimmy Williams.

The special teams came inches away from making a big play, on LaFleur’s 60 yard punt, almost recovering the kick at the Packers one yard line. They were unable to hold onto the ball though, and the Packers proceeded to march down the field.

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