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December 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Mariucci was speechless after the game. He stood in front of his team, and rather than trying to pick the team up with words, he let the silence speak. He then took the 49ers down on a knee, almost in submission, as the team began its post game prater. It seemed like a fitting end to the 20-14 home loss to the Packers. Submission.

The 49ers were banged up at the start of the game, slightly more so at the end of the game, but that canít be offered as an excuse for the lack of execution in this game. An offense has to be able to score more than 20 points if it expects to win a football game, especially against a good team, and the 49ers were simply unable to do that.

The game was to the 49ers 6-3 advantage before Jeff Garcia plopped a pass off of the back of Matt Willig. The ball plopped into Green Bay defensive lineman, Vonnie Holidayís hands and was then lateralled to go for a big game. It was the deciding play of the game, that gave the Packers the go-ahead score. They would never relinquish the lead.

At one point it appeared that the 49ers were ready to come back. Terrell Owens scored a touchdown with 4:31 to go in the third quarter. The 49ers held the Packers to two field goal attempts (one missed), and with 4:41 in the game got the ball back. The team drove 58 yards and appeared to connect for a touchdown or at the one yard line with Tai Streets. Streets however was ruled out of bounds, and the 49ers were unable to knock the ball in from the 26. Submission.

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