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Offensive Reactions
December 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers have this weird tendency on offense. They let the opposition dictate how aggressively they will play. With Green Bay playing a conservative ball game in the first half, the 49ers did not even attempt to make the big plays. They were foolish for playing into the hands of the Packers.

Jeff Garciaís 156 yards put him over the 3000 yard mark for the third consecutive time, but his 19/34 and 1 TD, 1 INT performance was hardly enough to win a close game. Garcia also sprained his ankle on the teamís final drive.

Terrell Owens was all the team had to cheer about. Despite being extremely limited throughout the game, Owens caught a touchdown pass of 45 yards, and carried a Green Bay defender into the endzone with him. He then proceeded to dance with a cheerleaders pompons as the 49ers were down by just a field goal at that point. Tai Streets had one reception, and the potential game winning touchdown ruled out of bounds. JJ Stokes did less than nothing, catching zero passes. Eric Johnson contributed with 8 receptions for 66 yards. Up until the final two minutes of the first half, he was the only 49er with a reception.

The running game was similarly pitiful. Garrison Hearst picked up 51 yards on 12 attempts, and Barlow managed 24 yards on 6 attempts. Both players were clearly hampered by their injuries.

It was a very poor offensive performance, and the execution on the final drive was downright pitiful. The 49ers need some weapons to seriously step up, other than Owens, and they need an offensive line that will actually protect Jeff Garcia - something the group failed to do on Sunday.

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