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Defensive Reactions
December 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers defense really didnít do that poorly. They held the Packers to just 20 points, and Brett Favre to only 201 yards. The Packers could only must 104 total rushing yards too. The 49ers defense had clearly played well enough to win, despite its many injuries.

The defensive backfield was without its best cornerback Ahmed Plummer. Mike Rumph executed fine in the first half, with Green Bay opting not to come after him. In the second half though, Rumph gave up a touchdown on a short pass, where he barely looked like knew that a play was about to happen, and was picked on his fair share. The rest of the defensive backfield did a fair job, with the talent they had around them.

The linebacking crew did not play one of its best games, despite Derek Smith recording 13 tackles. Julian Peterson seemed to be tired out from the week before, and the 49ers continue to shuffle this group throughout the game. The results was a rather ineffective group of players on the field at any one time.

The defensive line recorded a sack, that will either be credited to Andre Carter, or he will share it with Bryant Young. The lone sack was about all the pressure they could muster against Favre. John Engelberger saw significant play time and was exploited.

The defense played well enough to win. They didnít have an exceptional game, but they certainly had the offense in a position to win this game. Once again the offense couldnít wrap it all up in one nice package, and as such, the 49ers were handed their 5th loss.

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