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Game Time Decisions
December 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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It appears that both teams will have a few game time decisions to make on their final roster. Sure the 49ers have more than a few, and all of these decisions can effect the flow of the game, but itís nice to know that the Packers will have to make at least on big decision before the start of the game.

The 49ers biggest decision will be whether or not to play cornerback Ahmed Plummer. Plummer, the 49ers best cornerback, has been playing most of the season with an ankle injury. Last week, he added a pulled groin to his banged up body, and while initial expectations were for him to be able to go this Sunday, he appears to be progressing a little slower than expected.

If Plummer canít go, Mike Rumph would assume the starting line up. The 49ers could possibly activate newly signed Duane Hawthorne. Hawthorneís status however, will depend on another game time decision, in Ronnie Heard. The backup safety has been out for several weeks now, and after practicing this past week the 49ers hope heíll be able to play, especially if Plummer is a no go.

Another huge decision the 49ers will have to make is on Terrell Owens, who after missing practice on Saturday was downgraded from probable to questionable with his heal and groin injury.

The 49ers will also have to decide whether to start Matt Willig or regular starter Eric Heitmann who broke his hand last week, underwent surgery this past week, and is expected to play with a cast. Willig and his wife also gave birth to their first child, a baby girl this past week.

Finally the 49ers will have to decide whether to start Garrison Hearst of Kevan Barlow. Both running backs are injured and listed as probable. The back that is healthiest is expected to get the bulk of the carries.

The Packers however will have a big decision to make too. And I do mean big. Defensive tackle Gilbert Brown was originally slated to return after missing two weeks with injury. Latest reports show that Brown may not be ready for the game today, and so the Packers may have to sit the biggest man on their team.

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