Positional Analysis Tight End
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Perhaps the most over looked position on the 49ers roster is at tight end. Ever since Brent Jones retired from the 49ers, the team has moved away from throwing the ball to the tight end, and has resorted to using the tight end, primarily as a blocker. This unfortunately means that the offense has lost a dimension, a dimension I firmly believe the team should try to bring back in twenty-zero-one.

The 49ers current starting tight end is Greg Clark. Coming out of college, Clark's blocking ability was recognized as his strong point, but he managed to impress with his hands too. Since being on the team, Clark has battled injury after injury. Furthermore, he has been used primarily in blocking situations. Though his blocking has helped Charlie Garner and Garrison Hearst gain thousands of yards, the 49ers have in essence erased the pass to the tight end. Clark should remain on the 49ers as the starting tight end, but the 49ers should be looking to add a quick tight end, with good hands, that they could use to help bring back the Brent Jones dimension. Furthermore, the team should find a capable tight end, who could step up, if and when Clark gets injured again.

The 49ers second-string tight end last season was Justin Swift. Swift is another large tight end, who is a capable blocker, and good back up but offers little to downfield threat. Swift played well this past season, but is hardly a tight end that can fight Clark for the starting position and thus offers Clark little reason to push himself to try to do more in the offense.

The 49ers third tight end last season was Brian Jennings. Jennings was primarily used a long snapper, and excelled in that position. He saw no real action at tight end, and should remain on the roster, as the team is very happy with his long snapping performance.

With only two real tight ends on the roster last season, the 49ers were actually a short side of players at this position. The team should look to draft or sign an un-drafted free agent that can either push Clark for a roster spot, or bring back the threat of a tight end who is used in the offense and not merely as an extra blocker.

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