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49ers Own NFC West
September 09 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As the first week of the season came to a close, the 49ers were left in a position that was once familiar but is no longer. The 49ers were left with sole procession of first place in the NFC West. Sure it was only week 1, but it was certainly a nice thing to see.

The 49ers won a squeaker in the NFLís opening game last Thursday, and after playing a monthís worth of games (including pre-season) in only 18 days, the team had opening Sunday off. In fact, coach Mariucci gave the 49ers the entire weekend off.

As the team returns to practice on Monday, they will be happy to learn - if they havenít already, that they are the only team in the NFC West to win during the Kick Off Week of the 2002-3 season.

The NFC West is expected to be one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. After week one though, it was the Cardinals losing to the Redskins, the Seahawks were ousted by the Raiders, and the Rams lost to a Denver team that looked extremely impressive.

Thatís right folks, the Rams lost. Its still too early to begin celebrating the position at the top of the division, especially considering the lackluster victory that put the team there. Still seeing the 49ers at 1-0 and leading their division is refreshing - a strong performance throughout the season could leave the 49ers in the same position at the end of the season as they are at the beginning; nothing would make this team happier before playoff time.

Further - after week one, the AFC West is certainly in interesting shape. The Chargers, Raiders, Broncos and Chiefs all one in the first week. No other division was able to achieve a similar perfect record.

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