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Owens Involvement Wonít Come Easy
October 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Terrell Owens involvement in the 49ers offense has been minimal all season. With just over two-hundred yards through four games of football, Owens is off to his worst statistical start as a 49er starting receiver. That the 49ers have yet to establish a formidable offensive threat opposite Owens is probably the biggest contributor to Owens lack of production.

Getting Owens numbers back up to what he and the team expect will not be easy. Not only is Owens battling a strain in his foot, but teams are triple covering the receiver, because they know that the 49ers donít have another receiving threat that can beat them.

Tai Streets is expected to start opposite Owens this week, as JJ Stokes is recovering from a MCL sprain. The 49ers hope that Streets can make some plays and get some of the focus away from Owens. If the 49ers can focus the opposition to go light against Owens, never exceeding triple coverage, he may be able to make some plays.

Of course much of the onus must fall on Owens too. Owens has dropped seven balls so far this season, and that stat does not even include plays where he simply stops running, or gets beaten to the ball by a defensive player. Owens needs to become a more consistent player to truly be considered great.

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