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Owens On Wildcats’ Injured Reserve
May 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
According to the official site of the United States Basketball League (, Terrell Owens was placed on the Adirondack Wildcats injured reserve on May 10th. Interestingly, Owens was placed on the list without mention of the injury. With further investigation, 49ers Paradise has discovered that Owens may not be injured at all.

Terrell Owens is scheduled to spend this week in Orlando Florida for reasons unknown, and thus was not able to play with his basketball team on Friday, and Saturday and will likely miss the rest of the week. Placing Owens on the injured reserve appears to be a move to clear a roster spot, so the Wildcats can add another player in the intern.

Wildcats’ General Manager Mike Sweet was quoted saying: “He is in Orlando, Fla. I don't know what he is doing there but he will probably be back at the start of next week”

Owens thus appears to be fine in the report by the General Manager that came only a day after he was placed on the Injured Reserve. (However it is still possible that Owens has suffered an injury, it does seem unlikely after such a report from the general manager). It did however provide quite the scare seeing his name on that list. 49ers Paradise will continue to investigate this matter, and will report further developments.

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