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Time For Owens To Come Through
September 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Terrell Owens is regarded as one of the most explosive players in the NFL. This season though, he has been anything but that. Faced with constant double and triple coverage, Owens is taking longer to get open, and by the time he does, quarterback Jeff Garcia is often looking elsewhere already. As a result, Owens isnít see the ball enough to make plays, and the ball does come his way, he often tries too hard to make a play, and thus drops the ball.

Owens has now had two weeks to study how NFL defenses are going to attack him this season. Somehow, heís kept an even temper to date, but he can only last much longer. This week, Owens needs to defeat the coverage schemes that the Redskins throw at him. He needs to become a factor in the 49ers offense again, by catching first, and making plays second.

The 49ers need to be able to rely on Owens to catch the ball. Now that he has had some time to adjust to the different coverage units he is being faced with, he needs to step up and make a difference. Owens can not afford to sit in the shadows any longer. One way or another he has to be a factor in todayís game.

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