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Owens Sharpens Up
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Terrell Owens is still poking fun at the NFL for it’s ‘sharpie’ rule, that prohibits a player from carrying markers with them on the field to use to autograph balls. Owens who was the first player to score a touchdown, and sign a ball for a member of the crowd, has poked fun at the rule, that many have deemed unnecessary.

Two games ago, Owens had team members check his socks for a marker after scoring a touchdown. Obviously, Owens didn’t carry one with him, as a player can now be thrown out of the game for such a performance. Owens also signed a camera lens during the pre-game warm up.

This past Sunday, Owens was on the field warming up before the game. After catching a touchdown pass in practice, he reportedly pulled a marker from his sock to autograph a ball for a fan.

I firmly believe that Owens antics are being over blown. Had it been another player, the NFL likely would have looked the other way. But it wasn’t, and so Owens will likely have a theme to have fun with for the remainder of the year.

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