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Owens Is Ready To Be Serious
May 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terrell Owens has certainly had his fun in the media lately. First he and Mariucci have a little talk, then of course he decides that he’s going to play in the United States Basketball League. The star receiver followed that up by scaring 49ers and their fans by seeing his name added to the injured reserve of the USBL, without ever being injured. But the latest spotlight on Owens seems to have cast a halo over his head.

According to reports from ESPN, Owens has said in fling with the Ariondack Wildcats of the USBL has made sports fun for him again. Owens has been very generous with the team, taking them out for dinner, spending time with them after games, and even contracted a second team bus for a road trip they will be taking later this week.

Owens plans to play a few more games for the Wildcats and then will quit to concentrate on the 49ers upcoming mini-camps. Owens appears to be a changed man according to these reports, and perhaps it will all lead to a more mature Owens, who re-assimilates himself with the 49ers as a team member.

Owens’ time in the USBL is a direct contrast of Randy Moss’s attempt last season. Moss demanded limo service just for playing in the league. Owens however seems like a real team-mate. Someone who the Wildcats may even invite back next football off-season. It is this attitude after all that Owens once exemplified as part of the 49ers. Maybe basketball has truly made sports fun for him after all, and maybe we will once again, see the mature Terrell Owens when he re-joins the 49ers.

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