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Terrell Owens Provides Scare
April 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
In what is becoming a tradition during the off-season, Terrell Owens has once again put fear of injury into the 49ers. Owens, for the second consecutive off-season needed medical attention during one of the 49ers off-season practices. The good news is though is that Owens is indeed ok.

Last off-season Owens went up to grab a ball, got his legs tangled and sprained an ankle. Owens returned to practice the same day, proving his dedication to the team.

This past weekend, Owens went after another ball. This time he got a knee to the chest by Quincy Stewart, and fell to the ground. Naturally, team doctors raced to his side. Turns out Owens was just winded, and after a moment bounced right back up.

Apparently, Steve Mariucci was not too concerned. He knows Owens is a tough guy. But truth of the matter is, Mooch's comments came after Owens was ok, who knows what he was really thinking when he saw 81 lying dazed on the grass.

Fellow receiver, undrafted free agent Nate Jackson who is highly regarded by Bill Walsh, sprained his ankle but is expected to return to practice quite soon.

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