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Terrell Owens Will Risk His Pay Cheque
April 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers have informed Terrell Owens that there is nothing in his contract that can stop the team from letting him play basketball. In the same letter to Owens' agent that they have conceded so, the team also expressed its dissatisfaction with Owens playing in the UBL, citing the high risk of injury as the main factor.

The 49ers went as far as to say that should Owens be injured while playing basketball, the team will not be required to, nor will they pay Owens for the time he misses from football. Owens and his agent however, do not seemed to worried about such a situation.

Terrell typically play 'pick-up' games throughout the off-season, often for four hours at a time. It's a large part of his conditioning program and it allows him to do something he love. By all means Owens should have the right to play a game he loves, but the 49ers should also be able to protect their investment.

With relations at the highest point between Owens and the club that they have been in recent years, the 49ers are trying their best not to jeopardize it. Owens, clearly the teams 'go-to' man is expected to forfeit his contract after the 2003 season after he reaches certain playing incentives. Owens' agent however, did not rule out Owens return to the 49ers, and even stated that he and Terry Donahue have already ball parked figures for Owens return.

Essentially both parties are getting what they want here. Although Owens would like to be paid no matter what, and the 49ers would like him to condition himself in typical manner, the compromise seems to be working. It's great to see that the team and Owens are finally in the same galaxy. The relations between the two will take time to heal, but certainly both sides are off to strong starts.

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