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Owens Healthy Ready To Return
May 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
It wasn’t that long ago that Terrell Owens announced he was going to play basketball in the USBL. The announcement was interpreted many ways, but now that Owens is ready to return to the club, fully healthy it doesn’t seem to be that bad an experiment. Owens will rejoin the 49ers today for the teams’ latest mini-camp.

The largest hesitation about Owens playing basketball was that he would get injured. Owens being fully healthy allows the 49ers to let out a sigh of relief. But there were other positives to Owens playing his sporting first love this off-season. Such positives should help Owens become a better 49er.

Owens has a rejuvenated passion for team sport. He’s said so himself, after being extremely outgoing and a team player for the Adriondack Wildcats, Owens is ready to carry that feeling over to the 49ers. Of course he’s in excellent physical condition from playing the extra sport this off-season.

Owens is returning to the team as a new person. He is getting along with Coach Mariucci, he is rejuvenated about playing sports, and he’s in great condition. It should make for an even better Terrell Owens as he begins to re-associate himself with the team. Imagine a more lethal receiver than Owens has been in the past, willing to work alongside the team for its best interest. That should be the Terrell Owens we see this season.

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